What happens at TULA?

As parents, we all want what's best for our kids. We learn to be patient and understanding to our kids' needs. I'm no expert when it comes to parenting; up until now, I still believe I have a lot to learn as a parent, and it's definitely interesting to learn more about my kid. So, if I think there's a program out there that can help my child grow, teach him wonderful things, and just get the additional educational support that he needs (that aren't necessarily highlighted at school), I'm in! 

I discovered TULA Philippines from a Facebook sponsored post. The phrase that stood out to me the most when I saw the ad was the "build stronger character". I'm curious as to the kind of learning that will happen and I would love to see what my kid can get from this. 

I signed up for a free trial and scheduled a visit to the nearest center. My husband and I didn't know what to expect, really. Or if it will work. We're just happy to try and see if my kid will like it there. 

At the free trial, we were asked to leave our kid at the center for the free session, which was for two hours. After that, one of the coaches, Coach Ian, talked to us about TULA Philippines, what it's really about, and how he thinks he can help my son. 

I also asked my son after the free session to see if he liked it there. He said he's very excited because the coaches are nice and he thinks it could be fun. So for us, that's a really good thing. We went ahead and enrolled him in the program. 

We're very impressed because we learned that TULA's goal is to help kids grow and reach their full potential. Who wouldn't want that for their kid? :) I think as parents, we do have the same goal. 

Founded by James Centenera and Fenton Whelan, two education entrepreneurs, TULA's learning models are innovative and fitting for kids of the 21st century. They have this international-based curriculum called CASK
Tula Philippines CASK

Looks really interesting, right? BUT does it work? 

Based on what I can see from my child, I think it does. It works. The effects of the tutorial program are very positive. My son is 9 years old now and he's at that 'shy type' stage. Curious but a little shy when it comes to getting himself out there. TULA's coaches and learning program are definitely helping him be more 'out there'. Try new things, be more positive, see the positive things in life, be more passionate, and think about future goals. It certainly is a process. But it is progress. My husband and I see progress and we're ecstatic. I can't tell you how much we appreciate the changes that we're seeing. 

We completed one quarter (Q4) so last week, there was a Creators Studio Culminating Event and we, the parents, were invited to join. It's a celebration of what the kids have learned and since writing short stories was a part of Q4, they will be showcasing some of the unique stories the kids have written. 

James Centenera, Tula's Founder, and my kid
TULA Coach Ian and my kid

TULA Coach Cam and my kid

It was fun and we're very proud of all the kids and what they have accomplished for the quarter. I'm also very happy about my kid's performance, telling us a story about Pikachu and how he handled Raichu (the bully in his unique story). It was entertaining and we're happy because he has his own Storywalk, which is like a mini station where he can tell parents about the unique story he's written.  

So, what's next? At our nearest TULA center, they have the Business Bootcamp Summer Program. 

Photo credit: TULA Facebook
This looks like FUNNNNN!

For the other centers, they have Art Attack Summer Program. Whoa!

Photo credit: TULA Facebook

If you want to learn more about TULA Philippines, please don't hesitate to message them on their Facebook page or SIGN UP here for a FREE TRIAL.

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