Our Visit to Palazzo Verde

For a quite a while now, my husband and I have been wondering about the dome-like structure that we've been seeing when we're at Evia Lifestyle Center. The place is near Evia so we can see it from there. We originally thought that it was a church, and promised to visit it one day and hear mass from there. 

And that day came; kind of like a little adventure one Sunday morning. 

We visited this place without knowing what it actually is. We thought that it could be a church, and while entering the place, we saw that sign that says 'Notre Dame De Vie Chapel' so our initial thought was validated. Sort of. 

Right away, we saw the enormous and kingdom-like exterior that's really pleasing and wonderful to look at. And then we found out that Palazzo Verde is actually a venue. A wedding ceremony and reception venue. 😅😂

Palazzo Verde

But they do have a chapel, which we were not able to visit because the Holy Mass was over. It was at 8 am to 9 am (we later found out), and we arrived there at around 10:30 am. 

Palazzo Verde Exterior

We saw that the Coffee Bar was open so we took advantage of this and had some delicious cappuccino for my hubby, cafe latte for me, and water for the kiddo (he just had breakfast and didn't like to order). 

Palazzo Verde: Coffee Bar

Located in a pocket garden with outside seating, all I can say is that the view was magnificent.

Palazzo Verde: Coffee Bar Seating

And if you look up,

Palazzo Verde: Coffee Bar

WOW, right? 

It was a very relaxing coffee bonding for our family. It was peaceful there. 

Coffee Bar @ Palazzo Verde

Oh, and there's this Koi pond just beside the cafe but I believe it's a part of the canal where newly weds can experience a Venetian Gondola ride. More photo opportunities! 


Here's a quick look of the Grand Conservatory, which is one of the ceremony venues. Imagine a red carpet in the middle, wedding decors, and more flowers. This is a very beautiful venue. 

The Grand Conservatory - Palazzo Verde

And we found this charming carriage that they apparently use for weddings, too. More memories!

Carriage - Palazzo Verde

With my super excited son. 

I love our little outings because we discover a lot of things, structures, and for this matter, a wedding venue. 

How about you? Have you heard of Palazzo Verde before? Much later, I found out that some celebrities and famous people held their weddings, parties, and even a concert here. The place is huge and just totally captivating. Let me know of your experience - comment below! :) 

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