Pin-up Bowling in Bornheim: Food

Entertainment for the whole family in Bornheim? Check out Pin-up bowling in Bornheim. Even if you don't bowl, there are other options. You can either play billiards, darts, other games, or just EAT. 

Guess what we chose. 

Yes, you can get something to eat. Great food, too. 

Take a look >> 

Spaghetti Bolognese

Their spaghetti bolognese is just soooooo YUM. I can finish the whole thing. Plus this pizza. (sorry, not sorry)

Pizza with Bacon

My son loved this pizza with bacon! We also tried this pizza >>> 

Pizza with Olives

Yes, with olives. My mom likes it! I don't really like olives in my pizza but I can eat them if someone will give it to me. I'm not picky. I'm just saying that if, at all, can be prevented, I will not add olives to my pizza. 


And of course, a Schnitzel with side salad and fries (pommes). Happy tummies! 

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