Milky Cheesy Donuts and Memories

Do you know what a milky cheesy bread or donut is? Or are you eating one right now? 😊 Aha! If you haven’t tasted one, I suggest you try it (maybe a bakery near you is offering them). 

The moment I saw this on my Facebook feed, I knew I was going to order a box or two. And I did. For some reason, this food trend is familiar and I had a feeling that I already know how it would taste. 

So, at first, I tried it from a baker from our neighbor village. It was satisfying. And then I also decided to try the one from Mix-Up Breadhaus N’ Variety Store. I did not go to Cabuyao, Laguna though – I got it from a reseller. It was a smooth transaction. 

FYI: The milky cheesy donuts featured in this photo were made by my husband. They were delicious - super! :) 
Milky Cheese Donut = Big hug 

Let’s talk about the taste. The first bite felt like a big hug. Comfort. And goodness. It was that good. Or maybe I’m just a cheese and creamy flavor lover? Anyway, that’s my take on it. 

After finishing one (or maybe three?), I stared at the remaining pieces. And that’s when I remembered something. 

I finally found out why this food is familiar. 

Why the milky cheesy donut is something that I know. It’s because I have tasted it before. 

It’s because of my seatmate and her name's Em. 

I was in senior year and it’s the first year that we became classmates. We were seatmates and she would sometimes bring some milky cheesy donuts with her. 

That’s how I know how it tasted because she would share this food to me. She was cool like that. If my memory serves me right, she would sometimes buy two pieces and one would be for me because I absolutely love them! And she knows that.

Yes, these were made by my husband. I asked him to make a batch for today (when I was making this blog).
Then there were times when I would ask her to buy me some for myself, too, so she doesn't have to share hers anymore. It was great.

Until one day when she said that the bakery where she bought this yummy goodness doesn’t make them anymore. 

It was sad but that was that. 

It was forgotten because you know, senior year. Lots of things to think about like studying, prepping for finals, making sure my notes were complete, and of course, thesis, and more. 

Anyway, this food trend made me remember Em’s kindness. And coolness. 

Why am I sharing this story? Simply because now that I’m remembering all of these, I’m also reminded of the importance of being kind. How kindness can go a long way. How it impacts the person you’re being kind to. That after many years, I was reminded of the kind acts she’s given me. It stays. 

Be kind to one another, guys. Let's be kind to one another. It's important. 

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