About Ara

Hello lovelies! I'm Ara, a lifestyle blogger. I blog about life, fashion, style, beauty, and most of all, food. I have a 9-year-old son. I have a loving and understanding husband (thank goodness)

CharmandGlamour.com started as a fashion and style blog. But then it evolved into a lifestyle blog somehow. Sometimes, in life, you will discover that you also like this and that, and you feel that you can share this with other people. Life is good and it's worth sharing! That's why CharmandGlamour.com is now a lifestyle blog. 

So.. what about me? 

I love life. I love my son and my husband. We do love to travel when time (and budget) permits. 

Oh, by the way, this is me somewhere in Europe. :)

Welcome to CharmandGlamour.com! 

Need to contact me? Kindly visit my contact page. This blog is open for collaborations, product reviews and giveaways. 
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