Accessories Make the World Go 'Round.

... well, at least it's one of the reasons why. :))

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘fashion’? If you ask me, right away, I think of beautiful and trendy dresses, the runway, What’s ‘IN’ and otherwise, and more. Aside from all of these, I also think of those accessories that complement whatever outfit you are wearing.

I love accessories. I really do. When I was in high school, I would always purchase (and by that, I meant ask my mom to buy me) cute and really trendy accessories (jewellery/jewelry, purse, sunglasses, etc) to fit my daily jam. And now that I can buy these things with my own money, there’s no stopping me at all. The world is definitely a bigger place for me. Haha.

So, when I discovered Rings and Tings online fashion store, I was really happy. This shop has everything! Bags, shoes, clothing, jewellery, and more. When they sent me some accessories, I was certainly over the moon. Let’s have a look.

I love this ‘Love’ ring. I was hoping to have one as I think it’s really awesome. And now that I have, I am definitely satisfied.

What a lovely bracelet. The ‘cross’ design is wonderful. If you’ll notice, the cross is big enough and structured to suit one’s wrist perfectly. Super comfy.

The necklace - V-shape pendant. This is so ‘in’ at the moment. I love it! :D

And of course, this is me wearing them :)

Visit Rings and Tings online. You will love what they can offer you!

I just had to take one more photo. YAY! Special thanks to Rings and Tings.

They look sooo fab, right?

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