Shopping for Bad or Good and an Owl

Do you love window shopping? Well, most of the time, I do that. I love to browse. I do this because I want to be updated with the latest trends out there. I like to know what's going on in the fashion world. Anyhow, I love it the most when window shopping turns into just shopping.

This time, I wasn't looking for anything in particular. I usually like to explore first. And my exploring landed me to Terranova.

Terranova is a clothing brand that is known for its "easy to wear" products. And I most certainly agree. If you've seen what they can offer, you'll find a lot of choices that will surely make you feel "free".

Anyway, I checked out a lot of their shirts but when I found this one, I really didn't think twice. I went to their dressing room to try it on and when I found my size, went to the cashier to pay. Easy peasy. Haha. Take a look :)

"Bad or Good"

As you can see, this one is designed to be "laid-back". Breezy. Round neckline.

"Bad or Good" voile writing. I love it!

And turn-up sleeves! :)

I am definitely happy with my purchase.

After coffee, we went to Shapes. Shapes is a clothing brand in the Philippines. At first, I didn't know that they also have accessories. But then, I found this....

I remember myself saying "I gotta have this".

As you probably noticed, owl jewelry is so "in". And from research, it has been since 2009. It has a certain appeal that reaches a lot of fashionistas out there. And me. :)

This is an owl cuff bracelet. Easy to wear.

And this is me wearing it :D.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post. 'Til my next post, lovelies.

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