I Heart Teespring

Crowdfunding + FAB Custom Apparel = Teespring.com 

Recently, I discovered a really helpful and rather brilliant site – Teespring.com. It is a crowdfunding site where people can register, design and sell custom tees and apparel. Now, isn’t that brilliant? 

Who can use Teespring? 

Teespring is open to anyone. If you are in a group or a community that will need some custom apparel then you should definitely visit the site. For causes who need custom tees for their events and special gatherings then they surely need Teespring.com. If you own a non-profit organization who wants to build awareness by creating custom-designed shirts then Teespring couldn’t be more perfect for you. If you have a great design idea for a T-shirt and want to get started but no means to do so, Teespring is your solution. There was this couple who used Teespring and created Tshirts with a simple yet touching message, “Love Makes a Family” – they needed to raise money so they can adopt. That was just so lovely. So you see, this platform can be used as a fundraising tool – OR if you just want to earn extra money. Really, anyone can use this awesome crowdfunding site! 

Do I need to pay anything upfront to use Teespring? 

No, not at all. Since it’s crowdfunded, people who wishes to use the site will not have to worry about paying anything upfront. We all know that anything that includes design and manufacturing will cost something upfront. With Teepsring.com, you don’t have to worry about that at all. In fact, you – as the seller – control almost everything here. 

- You can design your own tshirts. When you decide to create your tee, you have the ability to design it by adding text (they have lots of really good fonts to use) to your shirt. If you’ve created the design yourself, you can also upload it there. Aside from that, they also offer their art library where you can browse items to add as a design to your shirt. It’s so easy to use. If you want to try designing your own shirt on Teespring, visit http://teespring.com/design. I did! Take a look! 

- You decide when the shirts will be printed and shipped. Yes, that’s right! Teespring will not print and ship the shirts until the set end date determined by you – the seller. So no hassle at all, right? 

- You set the price of the apparel and profits are yours. That’s just so wonderful, right? 

- You can easily share your campaign to social networking sites, emails and pretty much anywhere online. 

 To know more about Teespring and how it works, don’t hesitate to visit their website - http://teespring.com/. You may also connect with them via Twitter and Facebook.


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