Love Shopping by Ara: Footwear from Parisian Basic

Do you love shopping? I’m sure you do – who doesn’t right? Well, I loooove shopping especially when our budget permits me to do so. It’s fun, exciting and, well, to some of us, it’s one way to relieve stress. Retail therapy! 

Due to this, I decided to create a new segment here at Charm and Glamour called "Love Shopping by Ara". This segment will showcase items that I've purchased and received as gifts – all fashion related stuff, of course. Love Shopping by Ara will not include any reviews / articles though; this segment will include more photos – that’s for sure. 

Soooo. To begin this segment, I’ll show you my latest purchase. It’s a Parisian Basic Wedge Sandals

It’s a black one. When I tried it on, I just totally fell in love with it. 

I’ve always been a fan of Parisian shoes - and bags; they are durable and their collection is definitely stylish. Also, they offer these lovely products at reasonable prices. Got this one for only Php 499.00 ($11.25). 

Thanks for reading! Till my next post, lovelies!

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