Staycation 2016

We're one of those couples who celebrates a lot of things. It is a way of life, I guess. I like it very much. A few days ago was one of our anniversaries, and it's a major one. We planned ahead but sometimes, plans are just plans. A day before our anniversary, we decided to just have a family lunch and dinner somewhere. My husband went to work the night before (yes, night shift) and he texted me in the morning and said that I should bring extra clothes for us just in case. Of what, I had no clue. I just thought maybe because if it's hot, we may want to change clothes or something. The weather in our country at the moment is unbelievably hot so I didn't think much of that request.

To make the really long and sweet story short, he surprised us with an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast near Rockwell. I was so happy! A staycation! 

As a family, we love the idea of travel. We even travelled to other countries but sometimes, traveling, when you have a 6 year old kid is not that convenient. That's just me. 

So... Here are some of the photos of the B&B. We stayed at La Casita Mercedes. Apparently, it's a 'restored colonial house'. This is just brilliant! It's just perfect for us.

Nice and clean. 




Night time!


This is where we had breakfast. Their overnight stay included a free breakfast - sweet deal!


The staff members are really friendly so we had a really superb time. They made sure that we had everything we need. They were approachable and really nice. The place was really close to Rockwell, Powerplant Mall so we went and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon. We had dinner at Chili's. Their food was exquisite as always. 




This staycation was our best one yet! Thanks to my everdearest hubby for everything. He's sweet as ever. We, the three of us, had the best time! 


  1. Nice place and delish food, plus cute Dylan and sweet hubby. Hope you had an unforgettable one! :)

    1. Yes, we had a really good time! Unforgettable, indeed. Thanks for stopping by, darling Tee! :)


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