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Blogging. It's something that I really like to do, you know? But time, again, is really tricky. I am a work at home Mom. Usually, I don't have time for anything else but family, work and house errands. I do go out with friends from time to time. I only have one kid and he's 7 years old now. It's not easy sometimes. I know, right? Just one kid and not easy? What am I talking about? For me, it's not easy. I am amazed and totally in awe of those moms with more than one or two kids. How do you do it? 

Anyway, the aim of this post is to share the status of my blogging life. :) I am here, just not that active. Always trying to be. 

Before, the focus of the blog is 'Fashion and Style'. But I changed it last year to a Lifestyle blog so I can talk about more stuff. I didn't change the name of the blog anymore because I really like it.

So, that's it. Talk to you soon!

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