Germany 2017

Do you love to travel? We do!

But you know, traveling with a kid could be quite interesting, and really exhausting at the same time.

We're currently in Germany. My son and I had an opportunity to go for a vacation this year. So we went. We're still here. We'll be here for three months! It's the school break so we were able to go; it'll be a bit late once the school starts again in June but the school principal already knows, and she's agreed to excuse him for said time. His dad wasn't able to come with us because of his work (hard to ask for 3 months leave). We miss him but we're visiting our family so we are enjoying our time here because we don't know when this opportunity will knock on our doors again.

As I was saying, traveling with your kid, a 7-year old, could be quite interesting. This is because he's old enough to remember things, tell stories about his travel, and appreciate stuff. And, of course, because you never know what he would think of things, what his take on this food and that. It's interesting to get to know your kid this way. 

I also said that it could be really exhausting. One, he's old enough to carry his own bag but then again, he will always ask you to carry it for him. I mean, he's a strong kid but you really cannot expect him to carry it for a really long time especially with the long walks at airports. So, mommy has to carry it. And two, there will be lots of questions and sometimes, when you're carrying his bag, too (meaning you're already a bit exhausted), you have little patience for never ending questions. It's cute (the questions) to a certain point but then when you're carrying two bags plus coats ... Anyway, there are other things but these are the top 2 on my list. LOL. 

So far, our vacation has been really wonderful. We've visited some places already like Ludwig Van Beethoven's birthplace.

Europe 2017: Beethoven's Birthplace

Taking photos aren't allowed inside the house. It's amazing to see the portraits, Beethoven's instruments, and some letters. Great visit. 

A few days ago, we went to Museum Alexander Koenig and my son had a real blast! 

Taking photos inside is allowed. So that's a good thing to know when you plan to visit this museum in Germany. This is a zoological research museum so it's really fun and educational for you and your kid! When we visited, there was a 'Spider and Scorpions' exhibit so we saw at lot of real and live ones. My 7-year old was very impressed and kind of scared at the same time. :) Can't say that I didn't feel the same way. It's awesome and hair-raising all at the same time. Here's one huge spider ... 

A blue tarantula. 


We are definitely having fun! 

Talk to you soon!

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